Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Saturday with the Crazies and Sunday Morning Grub

Nick and I combined our stuff a few weeks ago and ended up with a garage full of furniture we didn't want (or have a place for).  We decided that, rather than haul it all to Good Will, we would try to make a few bucks... then haul it all to Good Will.  So we put an ad in the paper and set an alarm for 6:00 am... on a SATURDAY!  The garage sale crazies showed up an hour before we had announced the sale would start and didn't stop coming until an hour after we loaded up with the truck with the leftovers.  I snapped a few shots of the driveway pre- and mid-sale.

Preparation the night before

Early morning

Our signs were really obnoxious

We made a little cash and immediately spent it on new surround sound and dinner and drinks with great friends.  I felt bad that Nick didn't get any studying done, so I decided to make breakfast on Sunday.

This was most certainly needed.

Monkey bread.  DUH!

(Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, rolled into balls, rolled in butter, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, and baked.  If that doesn't sound awesome to you, get the heck out!)

Needed something healthy in this meal. Enter: bacon.

DING! Monkey bread is done!

The aroma woke Nick up, and he fried us some eggs.

Breakfast of champions!

Now... on with the rest of our week!  Lots of good stuff going on here.

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: : hallie : : said...

You guys are cooking! So glad to see you are using the kitchen to make food. haha